Connected Device

Connected Device

A better smile through smarter brushing

A better smile through smarter brushing



R/GA London

UX Lead

The challenge.

To create a smart, connected toothbrush and accompanying app that encourages a better brushing routine and improves technique through guided coaching.

An innovation in oral technology.

Engineers at Unilever have been working on the concept of an intelligent toothbrush for many years. They invented ways to tell which teeth are being brushed, how hard they’re being brushed and for how long. And they’ve finally figured out how to pack the technology into the handle of an electric brush.

In a connected world this created an opportunity to utilise the diagnostics and tracking to assist users with improving their oral health and reduce lifetime cavities by enabling them to brush better.

Data could also be sent anonymously to dentists and engineers to research behavioural insights and better improve the product and healthcare advice.

Real-time brush feedback.

The Dialogue toothbrush is a brush-first design that uses integrated device indicators to deliver live feedback with every brushing session.

The device incorporates an LED screen, rear glow, sonic and pulse mechanisms to provide haptic and audio guidance; displaying duration, intensity and coverage of your brushing technique.

Every time you use the brush it syncs with the accompanying app to store and manage the data.


A live brushing interface.

Next, we had to translate the data coming in real-time from the brush into an interface for mobile devices. This would allow users to follow their brushing and get a better understanding of their technique, as well as the app being able to provide live guidance in the session.

After testing various concepts we came up with a simple and powerful tool; starting with a simple 3D model of a mouth, which rotates in real-time as the user tackles different areas, brushing particles away until they’ve covered all teeth for the recommended dentists duration.


Intelligent coaching.

Being able to process diagnostics on the fly not only enabled us to provide feedback when brushing but to track and report progress over time.

After each session, the user receives a summary with an encouraging message and alerting them to any damaging patterns such as brushing too intensely. Personalised coaching tips then provide helpful contextual instructions to adjust any detrimental habits.

Successful goals and brushing milestones are rewarded with motivational messages and engaging facts, actively supporting development. Progress can be monitored over the long term to track improvements in whiteness levels and teeth strength.


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